United States History

1st Choice Recommended

United States History (2023)

Publisher: McGraw-Hill

Print Edition ISBNs:

  • Student (2023): 978-00-7902313-1
  • Teacher (2023): 978-00-7902310-0

Contact the company representative for ISBN numbers for online/eText editions.

  • English and Spanish available
  • Print and Digital versions available
  • Uniform digital interface
  • New content added every 6-months
  • Training sessions available
  • You might lose created material unless you have continual licensing
  • Lesson plan templates available for use and personalized expansion
  • Suggested PBL activities

2nd Choice Recommended

US History Interactive (2022)

Publisher: Savvas

Print Edition ISBNs:

  • Student (2022): 978-14-1833230-3
  • Student: 978-14-1834207-4 Print with Digital 1-year license
  • Teacher (2022): 978-14-1833286-0

Contact the company representative for ISBN numbers for online/eText editions.

  • Multi-year digital licenses available
  • English and Spanish available
  • Has differentiated instruction suggestions.
  • Resources to connect technology of the past to today.
  • Project Imagine: primary sources and digital activities (3D exploration)
  • NOTES:
  • Difficult digital interface and reliability issues
  • Primary source and reading guide
  • Google classroom or other LMS integration
  • Hook and Inspire video clips
  • Inquiry projects included in course of the topic/chapter
  • Quest Inquiry
  • Partnerships with NBC, Smithsonian
  • “Active classroom strategies” TPS, QW, etc
  • Leveled assessment types for US and World (Below, On, Above)
  • Ability to share customized material with other teachers
  • Additional training available
  • Publisher will integrate NAD standards into the resources and program
  • Versions are revised from a 1-5 year schedule

3rd Choice Recommended

American History (2018)

Publisher: Houghton-Mifflin Harcourt

Print Edition ISBNs:

  • Student (2018): 978-0-54-445419-4
  • Teacher (2018): 978-0-54-491549-7

Contact the company representative for ISBN numbers for online/eText editions.

  • The committee recommends using the Digital format
  • English and Spanish available
  • Print and Digital versions available
  • Slight middle school feel versus high school feel, (could be the way it is presented)
  • Has an app students download for book that does not need internet to use.
  • Partnerships with History Channel, checkology, national civil rights museum,
  • The digital format has page arrows (no seamless stream for section)
  • Books are available in both Spanish and English (Spanish online is not interactive, only pdf format)
  • HMH textbooks are not APA level. They are grade level. They have guided reading workbooks to help struggling students online with teacher’s subscription.
  • When purchased there is training for teachers on using the platform.
  • Robust number of resources available. (assessment, reference, enrichment, video, presentations)
  • Digital version has a number of items that must load when each page is opened, somewhat cumbersome
  • Imbedded help in understanding resources.
  • Platform resources easily intuitive to navigate.
  • Online testing platform. Can be paused and access given during certain teacher designated times.
  • They can add SDA standards.
  • They have a planning guide at the beginning of each chapter (teacher would need digital access to make use of it).
  • Writable software: Assists students with anonymous peer review, reading, and writing skills. INCLUDES: TURNITIN
  • Has a family corner to help students and families understand the platform.
  • If utilizing HMH textbooks, the committee recommends using the digital formats. For the most part, the digital format textbooks are updated more regularly and contain more current information