African American History

1st Choice Recommended

From Slavery to Freedom (2022)

Publisher: McGraw Hill

Print Edition ISBNs:

  • Student (2022): 978-12-6441594-6

Contact the company representative for ISBN numbers for online/eText editions.

  • English language version only
  • Connects with Google Translate
  • Print and digital versions available
  • Similar approach to other digital interfaces (AP and CTE courses)
  • Some teacher support, but seems less robust
  • Has Smartbook functionality
  • Does not have chapter subsections in the print version
  • Well-rounded in the context of US History
  • Extensive bibliography for primary and secondary resources
  • Lesson plan templates available for use and personalized expansion

2nd Choice Recommended

African American History (2018)

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Print Edition ISBNs:

  • Student (2018): 978-1-32-845003-6
  • Teacher (2018): 978-1-32-845004-3

Contact the company representative for ISBN numbers for online/eText editions.

  • English and Spanish available
  • Print and Digital versions available
  • They address Central, Eastern, and Southern African cultures
  • Addresses the trade of humans not only in The United States but the Americas as a whole (sans Canada being mentioned directly)
  • Textbook feels like a workbook not a textbook
  • The Southern Homestead Act is misrepresented. Special Order No. 15 gives more background (the coastal land became Union territory and then it was divided among the freed slaves)
  • Confronting Racism add-on has a graphic images and information disclaimer that pops up on digital platform
  • Has an app students download for book that does not need internet to use.
  • Partnerships with History Channel, checkology, national civil rights museum,
  • The digital format has page arrows (no seamless stream for section)
  • Books are available in both Spanish and English (Spanish online is not interactive, only pdf format)
  • HMH textbooks are not APA level. They are grade level. They have guided reading workbooks to help struggling students online with teacher’s subscription.
  • When purchased there is training for teachers on using the platform.
  • Robust number of resources available. (assessment, reference, enrichment, video, presentations)
  • Digital version has a number of items that must load when each page is opened, somewhat cumbersome
  • Imbedded help in understanding resources.
  • Platform resources easily intuitive to navigate.
  • Online testing platform. Can be paused and access given during certain teacher designated times.
  • They can add SDA standards.
  • They have a planning guide at the beginning of each chapter (teacher would need digital access to make use of it).
  • Writable software: Assists students with anonymous peer review, reading, and writing skills. INCLUDES: TURNITIN
  • Has a family corner to help students and families understand the platform.
  • If utilizing HMH textbooks, the committee recommends using the digital formats. For the most part, the digital format textbooks are updated more regularly and contain more current information